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Lake Geneva Gaming Convention 2007

Rob Kuntz running AD&D. Second from the left, facing right is Eric Shook. Other TSR notables may be present.

Breaker Breaker! Gary Gygax narrates the "Yellow Bus Tour" through Lake Geneva.

Gary points out a place of interest (probably a TSR location or watering hole).

I tried to get a photo of Gary through the bus driver mirror.

One of the sites on the tour.

Another site.

James Ward, co-author Deities & Demigods (with Rob Kuntz), Pool of Radiance.
Frank Mentzer, in the background, running AD&D. Tom Wham on the right, facing Jim.

Ernie Gygax and Rob Kuntz. Tom Wham in the foreground, out of focus.

Brian Miller runs Castles & Crusades.

Unidentified Miniatures Game (Chainmail?).

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